Fall 2021


September 2nd
September 16th
September 30th

Free tickets to this event are available through Eventbrite by clicking the button below. Please note that registration is requested as capacity is limited.

About The Event


    September 2nd
    September 16th
    September 30th

    Please arrive prior to start time so we can begin promptly at 6:30pm.

    This event is free, but space is limited. Please register in advance!


    Participants will be seated in two circles, facing one another. You will be given the 4 questions, written on a card, and given instruction on how to interact with your partner and the inquiry process.

    A timer will keep track of the time spent with each partner before participants rotate and begin again, cultivating fresh inquiry, experience, and connection. Participants will take turns acting as both the client and as the facilitator.

    This workshop is designed to help us learn how to question stressful thinking, and to understand that suffering is optional.


    The Work is just four questions:
    1. Is it true?
    2. Can you absolutely know that it's true?
    3. How do you react when you think that thought?
    4. Who would you be without that thought?

    After you answer these questions, you are invited to turn the stressful thought around to the opposite. Find three genuine examples of how the turnaround is as true or truer in your life. You will find that your beliefs are Universal. In other words, we all have the same thoughts. The question is, are you willing to question your mind?

In-Person Event


We are welcoming all of our Ojai community members who are registering for this event. Since the new order from Ventura County Health Office, all individuals in the county need to wear a face-covering in all indoor settings for the control of COVID-19. Please see the county website for more information here:

Celeste Gabriele

Get To Know


"The longing for Truth was born during my childhood when my innocent love for my parents was painfully interrupted by overhearing their judgments of each other. My suffering and longing for living from love again got me on my Spiritual Path. It wasn’t until many years later when I was introduced to The Work of Byron Katie that I realized that only by believing my thoughts I either love or suffer. Now I know I am love itself.

In 1999, the year before this realization, I was introduced to The Work of Byron Katie. At the time, I wasn't looking for another teaching. I had developed my own way of coming back to peace and it worked well, as long as I was sitting in meditation.

Katie (as we affectionately call her) amazed me with her loving, laser-sharp questions. I saw in her a part of me that I had not yet allowed myself to experience - the ability to ask for the truth. Through the 4 questions of The Work, I learned that, when I educate my mind, fear becomes the doorway to peace. My mind is now at home in my heart.

Since then, I’ve questioned my thoughts daily and have assisted hundreds of people in doing the same. I enjoyed partnering with Flourish Ojai this spring doing The Work with the “Immunity with the Community” project they offered. The Center’s mission aligns beautifully with my values of partnership, self-empowerment and personal freedom.

I truly enjoy listening to my friends and clients’ stories. When the story is painful, the questions shine the light of truth and bring us back to love. Every time I do The Work with someone, I revisit what needs attention in my own life. Serving you is serving me. I love you. What if love is all there is?"

Celeste Gabriele

Cert. Practitioner of The Work of Byron Katie